Your Last Weight-Loss Program?

In a recent episode of Rock Bottom Wellness, I welcomed two guests to the show: Liz Dickinson and Shannon Shearn. Together, they offer a program called Relish Life that’s touted as the last weight-loss program the world will ever need.

If that sounds like a tall order, you’re right — but this powerhouse pair delivers on their promise. Rather than treat symptoms, the program aims to resolve the root cause of weight-loss issues once and for all.

The Weight-Loss Struggle Is Real

Liz is no stranger to the struggles that come with trying to lose weight. With each of her pregnancies, she gained stubborn weight that overstayed its welcome well beyond the baby’s due date.

After her third child, says Liz, she had gotten up to 210 pounds and could not shed the weight, even with rigid calorie counting. Her regular doctor was no help; she offered no solutions beyond tracking caloric intake.

Intuitively, Liz knew there was something more going on. She came to that conclusion despite having previously invented two different technology devices — both aimed at calculating calorie expenditure.

In sheer frustration, Liz entered a walk-in clinic and by “pure accident” met a doctor who was well-versed in medical weight loss and holistic health.

The Negative Self-Talk Piece

Meanwhile, Shannon, a critically acclaimed circus, acrobat, and elite athlete, did whatever it took to maintain the weight and look the part. That path included disordered eating and a loud inner critic who constantly told her she was never thin enough, never small enough, and never quite good enough.

When Shannon became a mother, she, too, struggled with bouncing back. After her second child, in the throes of postpartum depression, Shannon had a moment of clarity when she realized how horribly her own inner critic spoke to herself. At this point, shifted her focus to finding joy in every moment, eating to feel good, and moving her body in ways she loved.

The weight started coming off. That was Shannon’s “a-ha” moment when she saw an opportunity to transform the way she coached her personal training clients, including other moms, through mindfulness and lifestyle coaching.

Together, Shannon and Liz united on a mission to bring a powerful, proven, and lasting solution to the weight-loss industry, and Relish Life was born.

Letting Go of the Old Self

With motherhood and any other big event or traumatic incident, there are both physical and mental changes that occur. We become a new version of ourselves with different needs and priorities.

With Relish, the program challenges participants to let go of that old self and the need to reclaim a certain appearance or way of eating. The question becomes: What if I start looking forward and honor the person I am now?

The goal is to discover ways to add to your life and personal health rather than simply take away calories. It’s not about beating yourself up in the gym; it’s about caring for yourself holistically and shedding the emotional weight that’s weighing you down mentally.

Through this process, weight loss tends to follow. The Relish Life program addresses the whole person, combining group therapy, health coaching, medical treatment, and lifestyle intervention to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Ditch the Guilt

Willpower. Self-control. These are words you might hear often in weight-loss circles and even through your primary care physician, but not in the Relish Life program. Relish eliminates the guilt and shame of weight loss and replaces it with community support, positivity, fun, and healing of past trauma.

The Relish Life doctors take the time to listen to patients and hear, perhaps for the first time, the story around when and why they gained weight. With that kind of empathy, patients experience life-changing and sustainable results.

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